Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A World Full of Wonderful Crap

Source: CNN
I feel guilty that for a long time, my daily morning routine mostly involved checking out Facebook, or new manga chapter releases –  even to the point where I often forget about my daily Bible devotions. So to cut myself some slack, I've been trying to revive my old habit of reading the news lately. And came across this article about reinventing the toilet bowl.

Talk about crap.

Seriously, I haven't given the thought of toilet innovations that much consideration before. I mean, it's literally crappy. Or is it? I found myself surprised as I read through the story - how a simple invention like the toilet bowl has saved lives and changed civilization! As Robin would exclaim, "Holy crap!"

[I had to restrain myself from blurting a religious joke at this point]

So the challenge was presented: create the bathroom throne of the future. Naturally, the frustrated scientist in me scrambled greedily for ideas - like a poop demoisturize / dehumidifyer and compacting system and other stuff which, unfortunately, has already been 
suggested long before.

And so there was only one thing left for me to do immediately: philosophize about... crap. Which means, I get to blog again.

Thinking about it, my blog feels like a proverbial, personal, portable potty pedestal. I get to unload all my crap on it without giving a care (unless it's really a disgusting crap), flush them into the flow of mainstream web community, and feel light, clear and hungry for more. But then, is that all there is to blogging? Should I desire to dream for something better, like being a moral propagandist that will revolutionize the world? Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword, and it's the mouse that earns the cheese. Yet, why bother with such lofty ideals when it's already working for me?

Man, of whose race I belong to, has always been full of crap. Yet around the world, innovators are dreaming of harvesting the potential wonders of it. Will it finally solve the energy crisis? Will poop fuel be able to replace fossil fuel?

Will the blogs that we write ever make an impact?

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