Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Wise Gifts

I already received three Christmas gifts (a shirt I got from an exchange gift activity, a couple of timely GCs, and a foodie!) to this day, and I feel very thankful - not because I received something, but because what I received was some items I really needed.

Let's be frank: how often do we pressure ourselves looking for a way to give everyone we know something for Christmas - only to end up buying cheap stuff at Divisoria so that it will fit the budget (which translates as your entire Christmas bonus, or worse - your entire ATM balance)? I'm not against buying stuff at 168 Mall, which is now revered as a die-hard shopper's pilgrimage. What I realized - now that I'm back to the simple life below-average income living - was how easily and carelessly spent my money.

But don't be on the defensive! Giving is a laudable act; as they say, "it's the thought that counts," that's why there are no "empty" or "cheap" gifts as long as we put our heart into it.

Yet, have we?

What does it really mean to put your heart in your gift?

It makes me wonder - would it be better to give generic gifts, as long as everyone you know receives something from you? Or wouldn't it be more excellent to see the need, seek God's heart on it, and whole-heartedly give - even if that means bringing a smile to only one person this Christmas?

What really is a gift?

To the persons who gave me my three wise gifts, I thank you with all of my heart. Especially for the banana cake - my tummy thanks you as well.

An advanced merry Christmas to all!


Monday, December 06, 2010

Being Out of the Box: Me & Creativity

Box design by Iris Blanche Plopenio
[The article below is the transcript of my short talk on December 3 during our WINchetto event by the Single Adults Ministry of WINmakati.] 

There are two obstacles for a graphic artist like me. First, there’s the limit of my imagination. And second, there’s the limit of design – everything has to have a purpose. And I can’t help but feel like my brain is inside a box. How creative can I be with only one little box?