Monday, December 06, 2010

Being Out of the Box: Me & Creativity

Box design by Iris Blanche Plopenio
[The article below is the transcript of my short talk on December 3 during our WINchetto event by the Single Adults Ministry of WINmakati.] 

There are two obstacles for a graphic artist like me. First, there’s the limit of my imagination. And second, there’s the limit of design – everything has to have a purpose. And I can’t help but feel like my brain is inside a box. How creative can I be with only one little box?

Creativity isn’t about breaking rules, or surpassing your limits. It’s about discovering new principles, and pioneering into new territories. I believe that every one of us has the unlimited potential for creativity. That’s because God, the Supreme Creator of the entire universe, made us in His very likeness. It doesn’t mean we’re equal to Him; it simply means we inherited some of His characteristics.

Just look around you: man’s creativity overflows – from engineering and architecture, to arts and design, from science and technology, and even fashion and food. God gave us the capacity to create from His very own creation. God has supplied everything we would ever need – and that includes ideas. So when we run out of it, why not come back to Him?

We can’t put all of God’s creativity in a box. Or even a million boxes. It just won’t fit. So why bother staying inside one?

Uncover your creativity. Discover your Creator.

I’m Ron Patrocinio, knocking at your box.

[Hope you enjoyed it!]


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