Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Elementary, My Dear!

I was browsing around some forums from random links I found, and this one comment on piqued my interest:
"Kahit wala akong bilib pagtitiyagain ko na lng din si ninoy e... kahit hindi pasado sakin sige lng..."
In blissful reminiscence, this kind of attitude reminded me of my earliest voting experiences - back in elementary school, where we had to elect our class officers during the start of the school year. We would often choose the class president based on looks, on charisma and confidence, in stature, or in speech. And if you personally knew that classmate, there's the popularity and kid-version "kumpare" factor.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Looking at the Brighter Side of Night

Valentine's (or should I call it "Happy Hearts"? because it didn't really feel that way hahaha!) Day is over. So is the Chinese New Year.

Yay. So let's get back to our regular life, and reality.

And politics.

I just realized that nowadays, I seem to be trying to get more involved with current issues. I remember that I do used to read the newspapers a lot in high school, but that's because we didn't have the internet - and it was necessary for the school contests I was competing in. Maybe I should blame the Unleash seminar I attended last year for this newfound interest. Or maybe I just matured a bit as a Filipino.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Puppy Love [Im]Matures #2: Reflections of Fleeting Love (ROFL)

Haaa... Just finished a simple video presentation for our couple's fellowship dinner, I'm patting myself not with a "work well done" but a "hey you survived those cliche cheesy movie quotes".

And yes, surprisingly I was affected while going through the vast YouTube junkyard of low resolution video clips to get the materiel I need - not because I still have feelings for my ex (I don't as a lover, but I do as a long time friend - go figure), but because I guess I am slowly succumbing to my own hypnotic messages of romance and intimacy.

Am I in love? Or isn't the proper question "Is it possible to love a vague person?" Like - can we be in love yet we don't know with whom? Hmm.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Puppy Love [Im]Matures #1: LOL (Lost on Love)

I've been posting a lot of original love quotes (as well as personal adaptations) online for quite a few months already - to the point that people think and even assume that I am in love.

[Snort.] I wish I was.

Well, Valentine's Day may not be an important event for most Neo-Puritanical Christians, but since the world is soooooo into it - I think we do need to balance things a bit, especially for the young. But I'll be leaving the Bible lessons and theologies to more capable and reliable people (like Pastor Erick and Pastor Manu) - and focus on the more practical side.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Wait is Worth the Waste

People may consider my precious vote "wasted on a presidential who cannot win". And looking at our country, I am tempted to think the same - a mentality akin to gambling, of siding with the better odds.

In war, it may be related to "allying for survival's sake". In reality, it is plain cowardice - surrendering our own ideals to someone's else simply because we don't stand a chance to make it a reality. It simply shows that we have no guts, to willpower of our own to fight our own battles.

I was in high school when I first encountered Dick Gordon. I never had the privilege to meet him in person; we were being toured around the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority back in 1997 - twenty Senior Scouts vying for the honor of being called "Outstanding". Instead, I was the one astounded.