Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Puppy Love [Im]Matures #1: LOL (Lost on Love)

I've been posting a lot of original love quotes (as well as personal adaptations) online for quite a few months already - to the point that people think and even assume that I am in love.

[Snort.] I wish I was.

Well, Valentine's Day may not be an important event for most Neo-Puritanical Christians, but since the world is soooooo into it - I think we do need to balance things a bit, especially for the young. But I'll be leaving the Bible lessons and theologies to more capable and reliable people (like Pastor Erick and Pastor Manu) - and focus on the more practical side.

Which (of course) brings us to my simple theory:


I don't know what love story inspired this notion, but if you have come to believe that love is some object, artifact, or treasure that you can get at the end of some personal, world-wide, life-long quest - GET REAL.

What's wrong with this notion is that people tend to rely on the popularized "collect-and-select" method, which I am not a fan of (tempted, but no thanks). Well, meeting new people is important - but socializing for the sake of finding prospects is definitely stupid. I'm a guy - I know that there's a big difference in "making new friends" compared to "marking new friends".

I don't blame them, though. We want to find love. But the point is - you can't. Love isn't like that kid's toy where you try to fit in the various shapes into some big block with holes, but sadly that's how we often behave. Trying to find people who will just suddenly go "click!" and "hey, we are compatible!", then suddenly regurgitates them out of our life once we realize they don't carry the same colors.

The funny thing about finding love is that ironically, many fictitious stories like novels and movies are the ones nearest the truth. And what is the most popular kind of romance? The unexpected or accidental ones, where the protagonists discover that their true love was not the one they were pursuing in the entire story, but entirely someone else. Kick me if I'm wrong.

So what's my point?

I think it's pretty simple: Stop wasting your time chasing around for dream guys/girls! You can't keep on living life waiting for some gorgeous vampire or werewolf to take your breath (and blood) away. You just need to realize that not all treasures are hidden; what makes them hard to see is that they are in plain sight!

Now, building and caring for that love - THAT is another topic :)

Till next time! :03



  1. Interesting theory, but not wholly correct. :)

  2. Hahah, that's why it's only a theory :p