Monday, November 30, 2009

Preface to the Kingdom of Smiles

The comforting, cool breeze of Christmas brings a telltale whisper of memories from a decade ago... and though my own reminiscence fail me in recalling all those wonderful moments then, I do know that it had been among the best Christmas seasons in my life.

But I guess I sorely admit that I myself have slowly succumbed to the worst curse of aging - that, which like one's eyesight fades with time, so does our ability to look forward to that clear hope of the future... leaving nothing but a creeping cataract of teary memoirs and unmet dreams.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stupid Topic, Crazy Blog? Or Crazy Topic, Stupid Blog?

Sometimes the craziest thing about crazy ideas is that after a while, you realize it's not so crazy after you think about it. And looking back in history, a lot of changes - in science, technology, society, medicine, et cetera - were in one way or another influenced or inspired by crazy ideas.

But then, there are crazy ideas, and there are crazy people. Those are two different things.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fun Is Complex, So Why Be Simple About It?

(UPDATED: November 26, 2009 - Got lazy to continue where I left off, so there...)

Hmm just stumbled across this site... and while the guy did offer some really great ideas, the radical in me kinda feels bitchy enough to just wanna argue his points... Fun isn't simple - just imagine if everyone can do the Rubix cube in 10 seconds, or even toddlers can play Left for Dead 2 effortlessly... the fun is in the challenge, even in FaceBook games!

Just Around the Block

It's 4:00AM and I'm still up... I used to complain about writer's block, but now I'm suffering from artist's block, and it sucks. Especially when you have a deadline to make. Doesn't really differ much - except when you lose the client. Now, that hurts.

But then, being stuck on an artist's block for weeks has somehow reminded me of what I missed: writing. I don't know if I can still consider myself a writer now - I've been out of the loop for so long, and I never did manage to write something spectacular (or anything worth getting famous about). But I am proud of my writings - whether they're the meaningless love poems or the intelligible philosophical poems, or my oft-too-serious ramblings on life and other thoughts.

And I still dream to be a famous novelist. Sincerely.