Wednesday, April 10, 2013

F.A.C.E. to WIN! (CampTalk for FIT to WIN 2013)

Our church had its first Family Camp (with a youth camp extension), and I had the honor of being one of youth's speakers (though I honestly, I suck at plenary talks). 

Our camp's theme was "Fit to WIN". It's so easy to talk about fitness nowadays, with all the health and wellness focus of our society and generation. Physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, moral and spiritual fitness. It's everywhere. 

But, what does it really mean to be fit to win?

What are we trying to win at all?

To be fit to win, I believe we need to have the FACE to WIN. "FACE" stands for 'Focus [to win]', 'Aim [to win]', 'Commit [to win]' and 'Engage [to win]'.