If you're looking for more sensible blogs, here's some I can recommend:

God Spotting by Stef (
She's among the first serious bloggers I personally met, and though I honestly feel lazy browsing through her hardcore Christian approach, it does provide excellent timely reminders about my faith.

Random Flow by Randy (
Another blogger I met at the FEBC bloggers meet-up, it was great hanging out with him. His blog site's loaded, and his topics are entertainingly varied.

Transformational Leadership by Mights (
I met this guy at the PCEC-NYC Youth Congress back in October 2010, and I'm forever indebted to him for introducing me to That aside, he's a very fun and humble guy whom I enjoy sharing my crazy ideas with once in a while. And yes, his insights on leadership and ministry are waaay more reliable than my spontaneous thoughts.

Broken Mindset by Val (
Seriously, I just included his blog link here because I saw his post on Mights' profile hahhaha. But like everyone else's sites, they all make more sense than mine.

Sketches of My Life by Paul (
More of a musician than a blogger, this guy writes cool insights on love, life and relationships. And yeah, don't forget to visit their band's Facebook page -