Monday, December 19, 2011

What Does Christmas Mean?

As we hear the Christmas carols ring
And see families happily shopping
What does Christmas mean?

As we hear the news from everywhere
Of suffering, strife and people who don't care
What does Christmas mean?

As we meet people along the way
Where human beings on streetsides for a night stay
What does Christmas mean?

As we give and receive a gift
Do ours and what was ours make our hearts shift?
What does Christmas mean?

As we live through each passing moment
With each smile or tear or emotion spent
What does Christmas mean?


Sunday, December 11, 2011

I ReLOVE YOU 101: Part 1 - More Than Words

I just saw this video going viral on my friends' posts and I thought, "Hey, that's perfect for my blog!" And so I'm forced to start my series earlier than I planned.

So, do you remember the earliest time you discovered, learned and experienced (puppy) love?

Let's face it: The Purefoods Hotdog ad clinched it with "Kids can tell." Because it's true. It's so much to say what love is when we were children: enjoying a parent's hug, sharing toys with friends, being protected and spoiled by siblings, getting licked by a puppy... everything that has the awesome "aww" factor gets tagged with a heart medal for depicting what love is.

Then things changed when we finally gets introduced to society... or TV/internet. Whichever comes first.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I ReLOVE YOU 101: An Intro (or Reentry) to Love and ReLoving

Originally, I wanted to entitle this blog entry as "A Curious Critique on the Confusing Cacophony of Contemporary Culture of Cliché Commitments based on Choices of Convenience and its Catastrophic Consequence, and the Considerable Challenge of Changing the Companionship Criteria."

Yes. You don't need to reread it to understand why I changed my mind.

Ever since I've reentered the amusing world of the singles, it wasn't much of a surprise to encounter the question, "Eh bakit single ka pa rin ngayon?" Like it was the most abnormal state I could be in.