Saturday, December 10, 2011

I ReLOVE YOU 101: An Intro (or Reentry) to Love and ReLoving

Originally, I wanted to entitle this blog entry as "A Curious Critique on the Confusing Cacophony of Contemporary Culture of Cliché Commitments based on Choices of Convenience and its Catastrophic Consequence, and the Considerable Challenge of Changing the Companionship Criteria."

Yes. You don't need to reread it to understand why I changed my mind.

Ever since I've reentered the amusing world of the singles, it wasn't much of a surprise to encounter the question, "Eh bakit single ka pa rin ngayon?" Like it was the most abnormal state I could be in.

I think the more important (and oft misunderstood) question is: "Eh bakit ako papasok sa isang relasyon?"

Why are we so pressured to be in a relationship, anyway?

Okay, so maybe I could hear an imaginary radio playing  ♪ ♫ Once bitten, and twice shyyyy...♩ ♬ But no, this is not some form of bittertalk. Rather, I feel quite concerned with a lot of beliefs floating around right now.

Like "The best way to move on is to find someone else to replace that person".

Or "Pray for God's perfect partner for you."

Or "First love never dies."

(I'll be tackling these in the next blogs - yes, I'm kinda planning to run these as a series. I think.)

Seriously. Where did all these come from?

And with all those books, seminars, campaigns, TV shows, and movies on ideal love, relationship, courtship and marriage — why should I, a mere single blogger, bother to write about this?

Because frankly — I care. For you. And most especially, I care for the young people who are imitating you and me, and are learning from our small victories and epic failures. I care that If we don't say something, do something, and stand up for something, we'd only see another generation lost to another cycle of premature broken hearts. Or worse, broken lives.

Why should I be in a relationship?

Are we truly ready to say with absolute certainty the words, "I love you"?

* * *
I ReLOVE YOU 101: Part 1 - More Than Words

Coming soon!


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