Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three Blind Lies

 Three blind lies, Three blind lies!
See how they run, See how they run!

I've been meaning to make a satire on the nursery rhyme where I got this idea from, where I would like to show that the farmer's wife was more blind than the mice... but the story got too complicated. Plus, rhyming isn't that much fun or easy. So instead, I'll just make my usual rant.

Guess I picked up the idea from Marvel's Daredevil, who despite being blind saw more than others (literally and metaphorically). And it makes me wonder - who really are the blind people in our nation today?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Repainting the Writer's Block

After weeks of procrastination, I finally spent hours pimping up this blog site of mine today. And it makes me wonder, "Why the heck did I not do it sooner?"

I'm feeling euphoric lately with the rush of ideas to write about. In fact, I want to write about so many things that I usually end up writing about nothing at all. Like now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Food, Food Everywhere... But How Can I Buy It?

We had just finished eating lunch at a fastfood joint in Tarlac City. We were enjoying ourselves in the cool comfort of the establishment after a long, summer-hot drive in late January. I was handling the technical stuff then, and I was toying around with the camera to amuse myself.

It was a common scene, seeing street urchin making faces at the windows of food-selling stores. As common as seeing them play with their alms-begged coins, which we may never truly know if they're just playing with it out of the pittance that those coins mockingly represent compared to the actual costs of food... or whether they really are practicing juvenile gambling in the vain hope of being more able to afford food, whether it is the pleasurable or affordable kind.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Presidential Courts

If all the 2010 Philippine presidential candidates were suitors, I wonder how would they woo you?