Who is the Radical?

[The following imaginary interview never took place. At least in our sphere of reality. The subject may deny any information or inquiry related to it ~ unless you can bribe him with a slice of blueberry cheesecake. Or tempura.]

SET 1 - April 11, 2010

Ron 1: Good morning, Ron.

Ron 2: Umm... Who are you? [Eyes him skeptically.]

Ron 1: [Pulls out a pack of Hot N' Spicy Nagaraya with an evil grin]

Ron 2: [Eyes lit up ecstatically.] Ooooooh... [Grabs junkfood.]

Ron 1: Some friends of ours just wanted to ask you some questions about yourself...

Ron 2: [Nods blissfully, cheeks puffed like a squirrel's.]

Ron 1: Well... how would you describe yourself?

Ron 2: Mmmm... [Swallows] I guess my blog title says it all. I see myself as a radical, a person who of extreme thoughts and dreams... I love the freedom of being different, but I admit it's not always easy to be misunderstood...

Ron 1: Ahuh. So how do you describe yourself?

Ron 2: [Stares at him.]

Ron 1: So, how's your love life?

Ron 2: [Growls] Do you love your life enough to keep it?

Ron 1: Hmm... So where do you get your inspirations?

Ron 2: Oh, anything. They just pop out of nowhere. Sometimes I browse through articles or surf the net randomly with any key words or topics I can suddenly think about, then when a witty idea comes to mind, I post it on Facebook. If it really grabs my interest, I write a blog about it.

Ron 1: So basically, you don't have any inspirations.

Ron 2: [Sighs.] What else should you be asking?

Ron 1: Aside from making blogs, what do you like to do?

Ron 2: Actually, I spend a lot of time reading. No particular preferences, though I've developed a fancy for current events recently. Still, I enjoy best when reading fiction novels and mangas (Japanese comics), or when watching good movies. I do love to cook, too (though my personal recipe list is quite short) and enjoys watching the scenery while traveling (probably the only time my mind goes blank).

Ron 1: For the last question in this set, what's your greatest dream or goal nowadays?

Ron 2: Well, that would be to actually write a full length novel someday. I'm not aiming for a best seller, but I want it to be a classic that generations will keep passing on to another...

* * *