Monday, August 22, 2011

The Story about The Story

One day, a little boy had an idea. It wasn't brilliant, nor was it unique. Nonetheless, it was his idea.

"I want to write a story!"

And so with youthful passion and childish abandoned, he wrote with all his heart. There was no room for thoughts or even emotions – just a story impatiently bursting on paper.

It took him five minutes.

Frustration Is So Overrated

Have you ever had that time of your life where you feel like the whole world is against you? Pfft.

Meet Syobon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Another Radical Monday Morning

I woke up at 4:30AM with what I remember as a sound of breaking glass. Half-asleep and half-alert, I immediately searched around at what might have caused the sound. After around ten minutes of fumbling in the dark, I shrugged it as probably part of a dream I couldn't recall any longer.

Such incidents have been a weird part of my mornings lately (I recall one time where I was jolted awake at a sound of a man screaming horribly – but I was sure that one was purely imagination.)

And so this morning, I decided to jog.

One of the things I really appreciate about my current workplace and sleeping place (he he) is that they're both a walking distance from each other, and to a certain public park which joggers, walkers and simple time-passers love to frequent. It's a well-lit and well-kept place, and security personnel are around to dissuade any unruly behavior. Though I was quite familiar with the place, it was probably the first time again in many years since I jogged there in the early morning. The somber dawn wasn't spectacular; the lazy breeze wasn't even stirring a leaf; yet despite the lethargy-inducing environment, a silent atmosphere of determination-driven activities somehow permeated against the proverbial Monday clouds.

(And yeah, I saw a really cute girl – which somehow drove me to step up my pace a bit faster.... I wonder if I'll see her again... Scratch that, I need to get thinner again faster before that!!!)

Another thing that I appreciate is the used mobile phone that a kind friend lent to me the other week – since my previous unit finally went to electronic paradise. It didn't have a camera, or infrared or bluetooth; nor does it have a wifi feature or play videos. And I still need to purchase my own SD card. But I am thankful because it has one feature that I really needed for my jogging/walking – a music player/radio. That's because I easily get bored, and having something to listening to helps keep the boredom away (though sometimes, it probably does more damage especially when there's a funny joke or conversation, and I would smile or laugh alone. And yeah, I think there was one girl who really stared at me like I was the creepiest guy she ever met when I suddenly snickered while jogging. I hope I'll never meet that person again.)

But as I was scanning to for some appropriate FM station to tune into (personal experience tip: never ever try listening to emo/romantic/love songs while jogging), I accidentally stumbled across a news program (I forgot which station it was). I was about to dismiss it when a certain news bit caught my attention. And so for one straight hour, I was brisk walking on the early morning news.

For years, I'll have to admit that I kinda lost confidence with how journalism was in the real world. There was a time (specifically: high school) where I thought being a journalist was the coolest dream job I could ever have. But as the inconsistencies and compromises I notice on local TV networks and print media became too much for me, I just resigned myself with movies and comics section. You might be surprised how movies and comics present more truth about society than most headlines nowadays.

But this morning, as I listened to the commentator and laughed at his humorous co-hosts, I realized one thing: against the ever-changing tide of social change and technological advances, and no matter how the radio industry may seem like a bit from the past – there is one thing that hasn't changed with them which I appreciate: sincerity.

I couldn't imagine them faking a live interview as they ask on-the-spot, brazen questions that anyone can easily edit if it was done on TV or newspapers. I couldn't imagine them scripting their emotional outbursts of indignation, of soul searching and social reflections, of impromptu humor, or even the unmistakable hint of sincere condolence over real life stories of sadness and frustrations.

It was raw, full of grammatical nuances, incomplete thoughts, and other countless faults. But it was all real. It was all public service.

As I went home, I realized another truth that was more timeless than the radio: God's word. Sure, most people scoff at it nowadays as just another relic of some medieval time – that the moral principles and ideals it presented was no longer relevant to our generation. Yet, why is it that whenever the world goes wrong, when technologies and civilizations cringe helplessly as nature goes on a tantrum, or when we face storms in our families, friendships, relationships or even in our selves – there's that a unmistakable (but oft denied) longing for a spiritual purpose?

There are so many things that I've come to appreciate, things that I used to take for granted.

A good job.

A good church.

A good family.

Good friends.

(Sometimes, good food and movies!)

And how God uses imaginary sounds for me to get up and enjoy a good morning so I can realize how much there is about life that we can all appreciate.

Good morning! (And I'd appreciate a comment, too!) :3


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Everyone Falls in Love (A Stupid Story)

I couldn't remember how long I was lying on the ground. It felt reassuringly warm. The breeze, though cool and refreshing, chilled through my very soul – to which I reflexively embraced myself as if by sheer instinct I wished there was someone I could hold against the cold. And I realized that at that moment, I was all alone.

Where in the world am I? Am I still in the world?

"Thank God you're half-awake now. Your snoring was horrible." A voice blandly drawled.

I turned around, looking for the source of the adult voice. Instead, I saw a kid. Or at least that's what he looked like. Maybe he was a halfling or a hobbit, an albino smurf, a dwarf or...

The glint from the golden arrow points on his backpack stopped my speculations.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Knock on (A Plank of) Wood

Almost everyone in the internet community know that planking is old school. But because of recent shifts in social media (particularly the way posts are shared on Reddit, 9gag, Memebase, Tumblr, Facebook and most recently, Google+), we could say that the plank has just been recycled.

Mixed posts and arguments float around the topic: from die-hard plankers trying to outplank one another, to wannabe-creators of new fads like owling and extreme diving, and of course, some religious and racial critics denouncing the practice.


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Threading the Trek of Trends

Despite being an avid Facebook user with a penchant for trying out various stuff on the web (like Google+ and other sites), I still haven't gotten the hang of Twitter.

"Trending" has become one of the most powerful words in recent years. Also referred to as domino or bandwagon effect, it is one of the most obvious and slightly unpredictable side effects of social media. From celebrities and idols to NyanCat and the meme culture, social media has epitomized the proverbial chicken-and-egg origin paradox.

Was it popular because it was trending? Or was it trending because it was popular?

Nowadays, it's quite tricky to differentiate between the two.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Timeless Friendships at OId Cafe

Took this photo at the Old Manila CafĂ© in Dela Rosa – a small, humble coffee shop that I have long wanted to try out. It's a lovely, rustic hangout that feels almost like home (well, at least for someone like me who... misses what a home really feels like).