Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stupid Topic, Crazy Blog? Or Crazy Topic, Stupid Blog?

Sometimes the craziest thing about crazy ideas is that after a while, you realize it's not so crazy after you think about it. And looking back in history, a lot of changes - in science, technology, society, medicine, et cetera - were in one way or another influenced or inspired by crazy ideas.

But then, there are crazy ideas, and there are crazy people. Those are two different things.

Well here are my premises:

1. You don't need to be a crazy person to come up with crazy ideas.
Heard of momentary insanity? Well, just in case you noticed - we all do get those quirky moments when our brain circuits just suddenly jump and incites us to do something really stupid. And after a while, you face the mirror and say, "What the heck got into your head?!"

Okay - stupidity is waaaay different from craziness. But just like we have "lapses of intelligence", everyone can also have "lapses of sanity." Now how do we know which is which? Simple: It's all about 'common sense.' Now in my opinion, stupidity is when you forget that common sense exists - or that you even possess one. On the other hand, craziness is when you are well aware of common sense - yet you chose to ignore it.

So if you think that common sense is (supposedly) common to everyone, then the possibility of having crazy thoughts is also possible. But that doesn't make you a crazy person, just possibly one.
2. Just because you're crazy doesn't mean you're ideas are crazy.
In fact, some of the craziest people on earth think the same way like you and me. How can I say that? Well, if a person is stupid - are all his thoughts stupid, too? Nope! How about if a person is infatuated? Or greedy? Or smart (by the way, I know a lot of smart people who keep on making stupid mistakes!)?

What's my point? Being a person takes more than just one attribute; in fact, human beings are known to harbor contradicting characteristics, even polarized personalities! A person capable of extreme hate can actually be the same person who can show the gentlest care. A person lacking in intellect can actually make the most rational move during an accident.

Our inclinations doesn't dictate the entirety of our mindsets. Just read Shakespeare's King Lear if you care to argue.
3. Crazy ideas may drive you crazy, but it won't make you a crazy person.
We often complain about how a crazy thought or an idea gets stuck in our heads once in a while, and sometimes they take days or even weeks to get rid of. They follow us through the day at work or at school, they follow us while we're surfing the net or traveling. They even sneak into our dreams. And it's driving us nuts.

But in the end, we don't become crazy. Maybe irritated and pestered, but not crazy. That happens when we are able to express the crazy idea to someone else or through something - like art, writing, action/project, a chat with a friend...

Now, bottling those crazy ideas - that will turn you into a crazy person. Enough said.
* * *

Okay, my own bit of craziness is over. I can now sleep. ^_^


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