Monday, February 15, 2010

Looking at the Brighter Side of Night

Valentine's (or should I call it "Happy Hearts"? because it didn't really feel that way hahaha!) Day is over. So is the Chinese New Year.

Yay. So let's get back to our regular life, and reality.

And politics.

I just realized that nowadays, I seem to be trying to get more involved with current issues. I remember that I do used to read the newspapers a lot in high school, but that's because we didn't have the internet - and it was necessary for the school contests I was competing in. Maybe I should blame the Unleash seminar I attended last year for this newfound interest. Or maybe I just matured a bit as a Filipino.

I read a post by GMA News on Facebook about a presidential forum, where two candidates arrived quite late. As usual, we get both positive and negative feedbacks, which I find healthy. I also get reprimanded by my pastor when I get late - whether it's fair or not, I guess only God can really be the judge of it.

Tardiness has always been an issue with us, Filipinos. In fact, we even had generations who refer to it simply as "Filipino time." And for most of us, it stuck. It became a norm, acceptable by society.

Yet on the other hand, not all tardiness are caused by laziness, irresponsibility, or sheer negligence. There are unexpected factors in life, love and work which causes these unwanted (or wanted, inadmittedly at times) delays; we can only offer a sheepish "sorry", or as the transgression goes repeatedly - a silent apology.

I would have to concede that a large factor with tardiness goes to poor time management. But then we all cannot help but complain that there are a lot of times that we wished there was more time in a day.

Time management means limiting what we do so that everything fits to time. It is a basic discipline. Yet, dreaming of a vision requires going beyond the preset limits of society...

I am not a disciplined man. I strive to be one, but I know that at some point, I need to forget it - because I don't want time to be an excuse to not accomplish what needs to be done. Not all tasks can be done on a regular schedule; some requires inhuman sacrifice for them to be realized at all.

Tardiness is not an excuse. But sometimes, it is necessary to be late with some things in life for us to advance in other aspects. And sometimes, some delays are God's opportunity to show us a better way of doing things...


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