Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Morning!

I used to wake up with just one simple thought immediately filling my mind: what interesting posts did my friends have on Facebook while I was asleep?

Nowadays, it's

Is it a sign of obsession? Of addiction? Is desiring a good, yummy, filling breakfast considered a psychological or even a social disorder? I think not. The same motivation drives me to seek both a desirable, satisfying morning meal and an amusingly fun brain jolt in the form of a good read, a good laugh or a good idea (and yes, the aforementioned sites often provide me adequately with these).

"Drool ye, and despair at my awesomeness!" ~ sez the bacon to you
We all want to face each dawn, each morning with a smile and an inspiration. Nobody gets excited knowing that it's gonna be another crappy day; however, it is within our abilities to somehow seek out things that will turn our bad moods into something a little bit more positive. Or at least reinforce that vague feeling that something good will happen with happy thoughts (which again can come from what I've already mentioned. Sorry, I can be really narrow-minded at most times.)

And then of course, there's the daily devotion. (Ouch.)

I know it's my Christian duty to supposedly get up each morning and prioritize a daily spiritual devotion of praying and reading the Bible. Unfortunately, after years of being a Christian – I still struggle with the habit (but I still try whenever I can). I just find it easier to do it at the end of the day. But I do remember of a time when my mornings was all about passionately seeking God at 5:00AM, even at 4:00AM. Of days when I wish I could just read the Bible all day long, and just sing with wanton abandon knowing that God doesn't care whether I can carry a tune perfectly.

Where has the passion gone? Have I grown tired and bored about it, or have I just grown older?

I realize that in each morning, it's not a good laugh at 9gag or a good smile at Facebook or even a good digestion that inspires me to face the rest of the day. Any of these can easily fade away in an hour or two. Anything can easily change that good mood into a foul mood.

It is because God is there (whether I forgot about Him or not) to remind me that no matter what comes along the day, He will be here with me to guide and correct me with each moment, each laughter, each tear, each smile, and each bite (yeah, even the unhealthy ones). It is this unconditional, boundless, unrelenting love that reminds me to still dream of waking again each morning seeking only His smile no matter what hues and shades of skies the weather brings in.

Thank you, Lord for this wonderful morning.

Now, what's for breakfast?


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