Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Donuts!

Sometimes you just have to admit that your blog sucks. I mean, what have I been blogging about all these years? Unlike my friends Mights (who runs Transformational Leadership) or Stef (the infamous owner of God Spotting), my blog seems... pointless.
Looking at my own life, I get even more depressed: at the age of 30–
  • I don't have a savings account;
  • I wasn't able to finish college;
  • I'm just a bedspacer;
  • I'm overweight;
  • My earnings are... not what it used to be...
  • and I'm still single (well, that's not exactly negative... isn't it?)
I hate celebrating my birthday not just because it reminds me that I'm really getting older, but because it makes me reminisce of happier years... years when dreaming and achieving were like Siamese twins... until the painful realities of life tore it apart...

But then, thank God for the free donuts.

Donuts. Since when did I liked donuts? Yet, I find myself thanking Him for it - despite the fact that I am trying to be serious about losing weight. Was it a blessing or a curse?

I woke up this morning knowing it was going to be another ordinary day. There was no occasion, no cause for celebration. Yet, a sudden thought pierced my mind.

Wouldn't it be nice just to be thankful for the heck of it?

So I tried it out. I even posted about it on Facebook. A lot of people liked it. Some even commented about it. I replied with my most shallow but honest responses (yes, the yummy breakfast did help set the mood). And that's when challenge began.

Expressing something because you genuinely feel that way is one thing. Making a feeling genuine in its expression is another. While I've experienced worse days at work than today, what I decided to be my attitude for the day ended up into a personal struggle. Why am I trying to be excellent in my work? Why do I bother staying here when I can apply for a job that pays better? Why do I have to keep up with my officemates' attitudes? Why skip my lunch over a deadline? I was so frustrated with a lot of things that I almost gave up the idea of attending the Christian bloggers fellowship initiated by the FEBC (uyyy plugging! XD), due to the fact that I was still rushing a deadline at 6:30PM (and the venue was in Ortigas!).

But what I didn't expect was a few simple words my boss said after I finished the last deadline for the day: "Thank you for doing the project."

He didn't have to say it. He was the boss. He pays me my salary. Yet he humbly thanked me for the work I did.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me why I chose this humble company over those who can offer me so much more.

On hindsight, the donut wasn't really free... I had to spend approximately P40.00 for it... but hey! Meeting fun fellow bloggers was worth the extra calories!



  1. Hahah. yeah. Definitely worth it! It was great seeing you again bro. :D tara, donuts uli tayo minsan. Krispy Kreme! harhar. akong taya, di bale bertdey mo naman ngayon. :p

  2. Hahahha last month pa ung birthday ko XD but thanks anyway! irevive mo ung coffee fellowship :D

  3. infamous?!

    awww ron. you are loved. and just hang on, God's out to surprise you all the time. :P

  4. Haha wow first time na bumisita ka sa blog ko! Thanks ate stef! I am honored! XD