Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Our mini-series on ChurchNOW (entitled 'Keep the Change!') just ended. Realizing this made me feel a bit relieved; yet, at the same I felt nostalgic and sad. There was so many ideas I wanted to talk about on the topic... but then, I guess that's why blogs were created.

What does it mean to keep the change? Is it about enjoying fringe benefits with no strings attached? Or is it about having a changed lifestyle? What if it means living a consistent lifestyle of change?

Change is constant - that's what people believe. But sadly, change isn't always progressive: some live such changes like a yoyo, a see-saw, or the proverbial cliché of the wheel of life. But change can be something more than just a cycle. Change can have velocity - not just a Brownian movement, but a sense of purpose and direction.

Intentional change. Are we ready for it? In a society that endlessly begs for it, why don't we spare them some real change?

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