Saturday, April 24, 2010

God Luvz Jejemons

I remember watching Pokemon for the first time. I hated it right away - but I have to admit that Pikachu is classically cute, even to this date.

The Jejemon culture, on the other hand, was cute when it started (just like baby-talk) as a form of syntax in mobile messaging, and eventually into social networks like Friendster. And like mice (which Pikachu supposedly was), it breeded, swarmed and dominated entire webpages.

Just like Zerglings overrunning planets. Or zombies.

I first saw the term a few months back, but I did not give much notice to it. As much as I get pissed off at that culture, I felt myself a minority who actually give a damn about it. And then the jeje witch hunts began like a cult phenomenon, with Facebook fan pages like "Jejemons: Gotta Kill Em All!" and the likes. What's surprising was the speed at which the viral stimulus spread in various social networks - like an anti-venin suddenly purging the body from unwanted substances.

But why the hatred?

While I do get the irritation and exasperation of most jejebusters, I feel that we are overreacting. Do they deserve our hate messages? Do they deserve to be ridiculed, humiliated, (verbally) abused, or simply discriminated?

Are their grammatical monstrosities criminal enough for us to debase their humanity? Don't even beasts deserve respect and understanding? Is our social abhorrence to their culture enough for us to forget about God's love and grace - to which they also are co-heirs of?

What would you say if the Father said it this way:
pfHouwR "God" zOohh lHubbD dah hWeARLeDD dHuuT Heeh gHaybE uHs HiIzz oOuwNleeH SooOwn dHaut hEwsuOebirR bEeehLieeBveS eehN HeehM SHaahL nHautT pfhEreezHzh vuTh haeYbe ebHerrRLastheiehnG lAyFfpH ~ John 3:16
Has His message changed? Has His love changed with the words?

I don't mind correcting Jejemons - in fact, we all should do something about it. The question is, are we doing the right thing? Whether we do it in love or out of love, let's do it for Him - who loved us in our most undeserving moments, especially with our grammatically correct yet heart-wretched words. Ajejeje! :D



  1. jejetyping is part of our freedom of expression... the jejebusters certainly don't have the right to treat jejemons as illiterate people... ajejejeje

  2. freedom of expression?..

    so is walking around naked in public and signing your name on walls with pee.. He he..

  3. Right, right. We don't hate the people, but the attitude. I hate the language though, and it really has done wonders (insert sarcasm here) in the vocabulary of the modern day pinoy child. =)

  4. @Iris - IKR! XD Thank God the 'disease' seems to be dying now... hope it's not endemic...