Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Non Scholae... So, Anyway [Part 1: Photographs and Memories]

Thanks to Facebook, a lot of my former classmates and schoolmates were finally able to flush me out of hiding. And thanks to them, my internet browser is getting slower with each chat window they assault me with. Not that I'm complaining - I could go offline if I really wanted some privacy. But I have come to realize that each opportunity to reconnect with my old friends is a precious moment, even if all they would say is, "Hi Patti!" and "Add mo ko sa Farmville, ha?"

Each encounter with each new "refound" friend triggers countless memories; some are quite happy and hilarious, while others tinged with a sliver of sadness. I browse through their photos out of curiosity, and find myself unsurprised when I don't see any old school pictures with my face on it. Though I would justify that I only saw a few of them - my classmates would sheepishly admit having no time (i.e., too lazy) to scan and upload them.

But it kinda sucks when I look at my older friends' profiles and find their atchara-hued photos of the yester-decades, brimming with long-forgotten stories and laughters, and I realize that I sorely wish to remember my past, too.

Wow. I suddenly felt old. I never thought 12 years would feel so... long time ago.

I quite remember how a picture-hog I was, jumping at the nick of time to ruin a perfectly-composed shot, trying to be part of every scene. But somewhere along the years, I've developed an aversion to photographs. I still can't remember why, though.

One thing I've learned is that every photograph and memory is a treasure. Really. Just like my entire collection of childhood pictures, which we forgot to relocate during the flood in Naga City back in 1993. But I guess the ones I really regret losing are the several roles of film I never got developed back in 1997, which were my personal photo-journal of my entire senior year in high school.

So now I'm stuck waiting and hoping for my former classmates to have the diligence of loading up their profiles with our class photos. Sigh.

Not of school, but of life. Yup. I won't forget that one. Especially since it has been the picture of what my life is today.


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