Monday, April 05, 2010

A Good Friday - Literally

I always wanted to hold a Siberian Husky. Maybe it's due to its wolf-like countenance, or maybe of how regal I find its silvery-white fur. And I had a chance to fulfill that simple wish last Good Friday.

Our church mates had set out to visit the Interactive Way of the Cross exhibit by ChurchSimplified at the Bonifacio High Street in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. I am not fond of visiting that area - first because I do not have the budget to spend (either shopping, eating or simply traveling!); second because I thought I'd feel out of place - the average bum that I am.

While I did join my fellows for a wonderful afternoon of spiritual reflection, I was refreshed by the social revamp on my consciousness. I always thought rich people (or most of them) were bitchy coƱos. And believe me: a lot of those kind were indeed existent in that part of the world (marked by the spray-painted canines they trotted about... doesn't animal rights cover such humiliation?). But when we met the owners of the husky (see picture above), I was quite taken aback by their amiability and cordiality. I mean, they offered us to pet him! How cool is that! Me, a stranger and an economically-and-socially-average Filipino, stroking and having pictures taken with their pet!

Maybe I am just overreacting. Maybe I am just drooling at the sheer ecstasy of having the simple pleasure of the husky's soft, warm feel within my touch. And maybe it just dawned on me how God treats us - not as strangers, never looking at our status, treating us all as friends and sharing His blessing and grace to us.

Well, I barely had enough change to survive the week much less travel home that day. But it did help remind me that sometimes, we just have to take God's offer to enjoy Him - on trusting Him, in believing Him. And in receiving His promises, even when we can't see it yet.

And on hindsight, I thank God I don't have a husky - especially one who poops more than I could hold on my hand. Guess I should dream on a beagle instead. Or just a guinea pig. Hmm, the last one sounds more reasonable.


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