Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pinoy Brown Jokes Have Many Shades

In the Philippines, almost every day is April Fools Day. Just watch the political TV ads and news articles.

We have an action star who made a joke of the Philippine government, and still sold joke books. And the bigger joke is that it has a sequel running. Literally, in a figure-of-speech way. The biggest joke will be if he manages to pull a trilogy out of it, which may not be far-fetched considering how long his political show series had remained in the mainstream.

We have a genuine slum-raised politician, or should it be scum? Or scam? He claims to have a real rags-to-riches story, except he never got rid of the dirty clothes. Metaphorically. Although the yellow brick road keeps dropping unsteppables in his path, you have to admire his tenacity in keeping a straight face when obviously people are finally learning to read between the lines.

We also have a shaman boy who still encourages anito worship. He loves to conjure the ghosts of his parents to do battle for him in his direst hours. His sibling, the Philippine demi-goddess of intrigue and gossip, aids him in the quest which was supposedly forced on him by circumstances and the call of the people - which arguably may have been a collective aura of ghosts (born from sentimental emotions) - as well as to quell any unwanted spirits from his past. However, exorcising the skeletons from his hacienda-sized backyard may never be a sweet deal.

And then there are the millions of people who, after a few people claimed that they are monkeys, believe that they too are monkeys because most of those few people are really like monkeys. And since 7 out of 10 people I asked came from several random communities where thousands of people reside from cities that complains of millions of citizens, I am inclined to believe that the majority is the truth. Or at least, that's the population according to the surveys.

If you don't get that one, the joke's on you.

Just like our repertoire of best jokes, it never hurts you to use them over and over again especially when it still makes people laugh. Sadly, we're the ones getting laughed at.


Ironically, we actually had a joker in the whole lot. Unfortunately, he was not funny enough. And he ran out of lines. And strings.


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