Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Mirrored Glass on Writers’ Block

A friend just chatted me up the other day. He was reading a blog I wrote, and he was asking nicely why I stopped posting.


In that almost-dreamlike expanse of a moment, my logical mind raced to come up with alibis to justify myself from being embarrassed.

I simply blurted, “Laziness.”

And it was the truth.

Ouch, the truth sure hurts a lot.

I usually complain that I don’t get much ideas lately – blaming on writers’ block or some imaginary squirrel on my brain. And it was the truth (in several instances). But I did realize that we never really run out of ideas – our brain perpetually churns them out with leisure and pleasure. What I often lacked was not creativity, but determination to chase after it, capture it, and mold it.

(Frankly, just trying to imagine and analyze the entire process can force you back into voluntary stupor. Such a discussion is more suited for a philosopher or psychologist, and I am neither).

Ideas. How often do we encounter them, passing through our lives with trivial splendor like falling stars and fireflies. With each rustling fiddles of the breeze, the harmonic tiptoes of the rain, the silently strummed heats-strings of each tear, to the unheard angelic choir of each smile… Yes, ideas rush through our lives without abandon, fueled by untamed passion towards an ever-growing dimension of dreams.

And yes, we barely give it a glance. Or a shrug.

Have you ever run after an elusive idea, never giving up until it became a reality? Have you ever pursued a vague thought, setting your heart to unveil its form, with only one end in mind – that is, to grasp it within your very own hands?

But oh, it’s so easy to be lazy. To simply enjoy the comfort. To just smile and wait for a less-tiring opportunity. Or idea.

Until one day, we pass by a mirror. And catch a glimpse of ourselves. Our nonchalant, apathetic and mediocre selves.

Or was it our reflection that grabbed us instead, crying out against our own passivity?

Or in a lowfalutin parlance… Laziness.

[To be continued… later…]


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