Thursday, October 27, 2011

The KUYATE Leadership: Part 1 of 4


It was a few months back. I came across an online rant. This guy was a bit frustrated. He complained a lot. About them not listening to his advice. About them not heeding his warnings. About them not following his instructions. He used to be a youth leader. Now, he’s a young adult. And new leaders are already in place. But he’s not satisfied.

So I joined in the conversation. I had to point it out: we used to be the youth leaders. We are no longer the leaders. They are.

We miss being the leader.

I’m not against self-help/inspirational books on leadership. In fact, I recommend them. However, whenever we read such books – what fills our imagination? Are we stuck with dreams of standing in front of a crowd? Of being the one who pushes from behind? Of being the one who directs from above? Of being the one who carried the team from beneath?

Why are we so concerned of our position, anyway?

One of my greatest depressions was during high school graduation. It was the time where I realized one fundamental truth about leadership: it’s never permanent. For all the positions I held, I had to accept the fact that it all ends that night I received my diploma. Suddenly, I felt lost. For a short time, I had built my entire identity on the leadership roles I played. Now it’s all gone.

It’s fun being a leader. It’s great to be looked up to with respect. It’s rewarding to plan things and see everything work together, giving glory to God (and yes, we don’t admit that it also boosts our ego). Maybe that’s not the reason we don’t want to let go. But let’s face it: how can others grow if we’re the ones hindering them?

We can’t always be the leader.

But, we can always be a kuya or ate to them.


  1. hi kuya ron! this article is so great and so true, thanks for writing it...part1 of 4? kailan lalabas ang part2,3,4...hahaha..can't wait to see it!

  2. Haha! Yup. I actually finished the entire four-part series already, but I scheduled it to automatically post every 9AM for the next 3 days :D Still praying if I should write more about it in detail on my next blog series.