Monday, November 01, 2010

A Second Voice

I just got back from the PCEC NYC 1st Philippine Youth Ministries Congress, and I would say that even though I attended it as a staff, I went home refreshed and recharged for ministry. And of course, to start a new blog, thanks to Sir Mighty Rasing.

The truth is, I've become lazy of late - on writing. Or maybe I was just too preoccupied with lots of things. But despite all the alibis, the cliche line from Spiderman haunts me again:

"With great power comes great responsibility."

I'm not bragging about my skills, but I do acknowledge that God has gifted me with talents that had enabled me to reach out, bless, influence and even encourage other people. And knowing these, I realize that weight of opportunity of each word I say, each post I make - whether it be purely fun or profound. Not that I will cease to be the crazy-idea guy that I am; I will always be Ron - being otherwise is plain stupid.

And so I venture into a new challenge - of being passionately vocal about my faith, in my own radical way. I'll be keeping this blog for my other crazy ideas though (politics, romance, philosophical ideas and other eccentricities). That said, I'm still thinking on how the new faith-based blog should progress... but for now, I'll settle with the thought that for once, I beat procrastination ;)



  1. brother, anong kinakain mo dyan?

  2. @sherille: Hahaha! Longganisa po! XD