Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Poopularity Stinks

I felt elated when a friend brought the news to me that my political dream team just became real. And so I hurriedly scrambled through the news sites, and et voila! it's true!So being the Facebook junkie I grudgingly try to deny myself to admit, I nonchalantly posted the news on my Facebook wall.

After a short while, another friend commented on my post - that though they (my political dream team) may be great, the sad fact is they are not popular with the masses. And so, with passions brimming on my heart and mind, I parried back without thinking: "Popularity is fluid."

Now, several hours afterwards (having been tied up with a deadline on some project), those words seem to leap at me in imaginary revolt. Did I really mean those words? Do I really believe them? What the heck was I thinking?

Popularity. It has always been pivotal in our social lives. From the attention for our parents and relatives, to the cute neighborhood girls... from the motley interests of the classroom to the outrageous cacophony of adult society, we all have probably wished for a bit of popularity. But what is popularity?

What makes something popular? What makes them unpopular? Why do some things remain popular, while others... are simply forgotten, like poop?

Pacquiao is popular now. But for how long? Harry Potter is quite popular... or should I say, was? MacBooks, Ipods, FaceBook, Twitter, PSP... they are what's 'in' today. People say they're gonna stay - just like what they said about brick games, Friendster, Walkmans, and stretch jeans (dunno what they're called, and I don't care - I'm no fashionista, so bug off).

But then there are stuff that generation to generation continue to love, like Chicago, Bread, Pokemon, Voltes V, Super Mario,  Lord of the Rings, Sunshine Green Peas, Hany/Chocnut, and smelly old sneakers.

What gives?

I believe there are two kinds of popular people: those who makes themselves popular, and those whose popularity make them. Now that's gonna take some time to unravel...

Popularity, like poop, is all about attention - if it doesn't smell, it's as good as soil. Thank God it stinks.

* * *

This blog is a by-product of two cups of coffee, a bottle of Cobra energy drink, and lack of sleep. I think I should drink them more often.


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