Monday, December 07, 2009

Of Reality and the Real Christmas

"We Are The Reason" is probably one of the most wonderful Christmas songs composed (ABS-CBN's Bro Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko is included in my personal top ranking Christmas songs). And it does remind us of what the season really is all about.

Yet, with all these preachings and teachings, many people have resigned to just simply nodding in silent apathetic agreement to such messages, without really caring what it means. Because frankly, as much as what we preach is God's truth, we can't deny the realities each person is living in. We pound them about the reason for the season, without letting them see the Son in our reasons.

The saddest thing about Christmas is that we force people to put on smiles instead of helping them discover its joys. And what's sad about it is that we drive them further away from the Reason. Believing that Christmas is the happiest time of the year is not that easy for everyone. It should be; but the fact is, it's not. Consider these lines:

So what if a Savior is born, yet I want to die?

So what if God became flesh, yet I hunger?

So what if God is with us, yet I feel so alone this Christmas?

These are but a few unspoken statements a lot of people feel, hidden behind soon-to-be-gone Christmas paychecks and in parties here and there. And unfortunately, we may never know (or care) until its too late.

Jesus is the reason for the season - everyone (even the Moslems and Hindus and other religions) knows that well. But we forget that Christ didn't just stay for the holidays - He spent an entire 30 years or more of His life on Earth, living and suffering just like any of us. 

We often quote from the Bible that "the truth will set us free". And in Christmas, we can only truly smile when we have reconciled God's truth with our lives - and in others' lives as well. So before we even try to wrap our material gifts - have we unwrapped His gift in us as well? Are we too busy caring about giving our presents, without minding how their lives are doing at present? Are we so caught up with the celebration, that we fail to discern the hearts in isolation?

Christmas is not the happiest season of the year for everyone. But we can make it the most meaningful for someone. Don't just share His Christmas message - be His gift that will put a smile on that person's face. As the old (and nakakasawa but true) song goes, "Give love on Christmas day..."


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