Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wise Foolishness of a Procrastinating Obsessive-Compulsive... is not the topic in this post.

I'm a guy of simple pleasures. Sure, I haven't won in the Philippine Lotto, or any raffles ever since. But I take pride in the fact that I do win some freebies from time to time - like the time Ayala had a slogan writing contest (I actually had 3 entries - two of which I used my friends' names. And both of the entries under their names won - free Ayala GCs. The entry in my name, unfortunately, did not). There was also a couple of free movie ticket I got for the premiere showing of Predators (which I also had to let go due to conflicts of priorities/commitments).

Until finally, I got something I can finally enjoy for myself. Yes. A free copy of Readers Digest! Weee! But why am I so excited over it? Simple - it's a big chunk of my childhood memories! I remember summers where I would just dig up copies from way back in the 1960s (or even earlier), and discover about forgotten stories and cultures. It's one of the most important influences in my enthusiasm towards literature - and even dreamt once to be a writer for it. But alas, I'll have to settle by being a contributor on the online discussion threads for now :p

Here's the couple of replies I sent in a particular discussion which rewarded me with the mentioned prize:

Its time for a little spring cleaning! We've just shifted our office, so my desk is currently feeling so empty. Any ideas on what to do? Most creative and fun suggestion gets a copy of Feb issue from me ! =)

1) PC at the round corner? not a bad idea - except get rid of those document holders behind it! IT'S UGLY. Place them at the edge of the desk (but not where you can accidentally shove off, unless there's a trash bin to catch them :D).

2) Me...dicine bottles within arm's reach is a nice idea, but equally unsightly. Use your drawers for that - I see one under your desk.

3) Leave a really neat space beside your pc - ideally the left side if you use the pc mouse with your right hand. This gives you good clear area for writing, thinking and doing anything that should not be distracted by the computer.

4) Snacks & drinks on the right side (near pc mouse) are not bad. But do keep a cup/glass holder on standby. Also a pack of tissue (or tissue holder) in the same area. Trust me. You can also place emergency/sanitation stuff there like hand sanitizers, alcohol (not the potable kind), etc.

5) If you can add a shelf, place your books there. If not, get a book stand. Or improvise with anything heavy. Stacking them horizontally may convenient, but it will cause you hell as it gets higher. And believe me, it will :D

6) Phone within reach is good, but do you pick it up with your right hand or left?

7) Get a little box or any holder for small stuff/trinkets (flashdrive, clips, etc). A coffee mug can do (it's also good for holding pens :D)

8) in front of the clear area, put up a whiteboard, corkboard or dartboard. THIS IS NOT FOR OFFICE RELATED STUFF >:D Use it for fun ideas ;) What that is, you'll discover along the way. Just post anything fun there - stuff you pick up, thoughts you think up, whatever. Keeps you connected with the world, reality, life and your own little creativity :p

9) Contrary to instinct, DONT USE THE SPACE UNDER YOUR DESK as a mini-storage room. If anything, use small cabinets (like the one I see on the right of the picture), mini tables, racks... BUT NOT BOXES. Point is - it should be something yo...u can easily clean and keep neat. Giving more room even for your feet actually helps you work more efficiently and happily ^_^

If anything, sneak in a throw pillow for your feet to waddle in :D

Having pets may be nice but not really advisable.

1) Rodents/marsupials may be small, but they do leave behind... droppings. With centralized airconditioning, these can be quite unsanitary/unhygienic, as it will only hasten its drying - whic...h leads us to dried droppings, which becomes office dust. The rest... is up to your imagination.

But I admit, they are cute & stress-relieving.

2) Fish on a fishbowl/glass? Quite safe - unless you're a klutz. Water and documents/electronics are not really friendly. Opposites do attract. Remember Murphy's Law very well :)

* * *
Despite the sincerity of the opinions this blogger had when he posted those comments, until now he has yet to practice it on himself - to this date. As of the moment, he blankly and smugly stares at the chaotic order of his desk coupled with an organized mess of a makeshift bulletin corkboard, procrastinating the pressing need to clean up as he instead sneaks a peek at the still-unfinished reading of the free RDA copy...


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