Thursday, January 21, 2010

Echoes on Love's Empty Corridors

It's just my speculation, but I think love is the most talked about, written about, researched about topic in the whole world. And despite all these things, it still is one of the most elusive things we'll ever experience.

Just for the record, I'm talking romantic love.

I've been on Earth for 28 years, and while most scholars would probably sneer at my supposed inexperience, I pretty much believe that what I have to say about the said topic may be as important. Or trivial, which is probably true with everything else. It's one of the many ironies of life - where what we may used to think as insignificant can become the most crucial thing. Like appreciating flowers, watching fireflies, chasing puppies, and all those cute, useless stuff we love to waste time on. Or like blogging. Who knows if anyone bothers to read them at all - and honestly, should I care?

Again, it's both trivial and important. Don't bother arguing - it's a rhetorical question.

As I was saying, I can only contribute a pittance of my own opinion about love - based on puppy loves, infatuation, and I guess a failed attempt at true love.

By the way, if some of you are somehow wondering if I am in love again because of all the love quotes I've been composing and posting... I won't answer that question - simply because I still am asking myself that, too. But I do have this to say - love is a powerful emotion, enough to leave its traces for years and still invoke the same passion as its beginning. For that song that says, "I remember the boy, but I don't remember the feeling." THAT IS A LIE. We may not feel it anymore, but heck I am sure we all remember quite well how it felt. Then.

I think most people claim to "forget" the feeling out of the same reason why people who had trauma may forget things - it is painful. Not the pus-filled, feverish, numbing wound-pain kind; it's more like pus-filled, feverish, numbing wound-pain that comes visiting again from time to time unexpectedly, waving at you sarcastically with a big smile and a sincere "hi", and with a new partner on the other arm...

So... where was I? Oh, sorry - trauma attack.


What was I saying again?


Some people like to allegorize love with traveling. Most would associate it with highways - fast paced, many lanes. And lots of accidents. I beg to differ (except for the last part). I prefer to think that love is always a new, uncharted trail - always fresh, and there are always new things to discover. Of course, there will be snakes and other wild things (I'm not talking about kinky stuff, but dad-with-a-shotgun or freako-ex/stalker serious). But that's beside the point: you can't make formulas for love. Well, there may be natural/emotional laws and principles behind (so does the wildlife), but trying to chain love to such preposterous notions of what-should-or-should-be's is just like teaching a werewolf to roll-over and sit.

Or a vampire to drink tomato-cranberry juice instead of blood.

(Yes, I AM NOT A TWILIGHT FAN. Hence, the snipes. Drop dead.)

Love is probably the most talked about, written about, blogged about, and pretty-much-everything-else about topic in this planet. But that's just my speculation. But that doesn't we're all experts on it; in fact, it just reflects how much we long to know it, to understand it, to experience it. And to live with it, preferably for the rest of our lives.

And for the record, I'm talking about romantic love here. Just making that one clear.



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